Out of the Shadows : #MeToo

#MeToo is gaining incredible traction as a forum for women who’ve experienced abuse, assault or sexual harassment. The Harvey Weinstein scandal appears to have been the catalyst for this movement. Perhaps it is the tip of the iceberg, whereby a critical mass has been reached of realization of the scope of this insidious problem that..

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If you’ve been working on an attitudinal or behavioural shift by using tools like meditation for a while you may already be experiencing increased space in your response to things that used to cause you pressure, stress or anxiety. I’ve recently remembered that these tools like meditation and physical exercise, taking up a hobby and..

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Expectations …

“There’s great liberation from hibernation.”   If you google the definition of ‘Expectation’ this is what you will find: – A strong belief that something will happen or be the case “reality had not lived up to expectations”. – A belief that someone will or should achieve something “students had high expectations for their future“…

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