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Professional Development

External supervision or professional development can be provided to better serve your work practice, and support you through personal concerns that may be impacting your capacity to work. Onsite sessions are also available.

Work Issues

Addressing work related issues: to avoid burnout, manage work load pressures and stress, improve working relations, and implement work/ life balance.

Self Esteem

How do you really perceive yourself? How do you imagine others perceive you? These beliefs impact our daily interactions, approach to situations and the opportunities and outcomes we create.

Relationship Issues and Couple Counselling

How is your relationship affecting your well being? Few relationships are free from friction. Our relationship counselling is designed to help you through difficult phases in your relationship, to problem solve, and provide you with improved communication and connection with your partner.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling consists of meeting one-on-one with a psychologist / counsellor with the aim of providing: positive support and guidance to help you clarify issues, problem solve, explore options, develop strategies and increase self-awareness, identify and move through limiting beliefs and overcome obstacles, connect with ones authentic self, address deeper underlying wounded feelings and issues, provide healing and growth, promote inherent strengths, motivate positive change, active full potential, and obtain your true needs and wants.

Anxiety, Stress Management and Relaxation

Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress or suffer from anxiety? Could life be a little easier? You may benefit from adopting some strategies in stress management and learn some techniques in relaxation to improve your well being.


Depression is one of the most common of all mental health problems, and left untreated can be debilitating in nature. Exploring some of the core life factors so as to address the source of depression is as important as treating the corresponding symptoms of depression.


Individuals who have been subject to trauma from a range of situations, often experiencing complex trauma, require intensive support to address these concerns. Despite some temptation to avoid the challenges that come with trauma, these concerns tend to compound and therefore require more immediate attention.

Grief and Loss

Experiencing a significant loss is unique for each person. It may be the loss of a close relationship, loss of health, or the loss of a job. It can be a very difficult process and getting professional support can be of great benefit to your healing.

Addictions and Dependencies

Addictions can often be a coping behaviour that left untreated can lead to further problems over time. If you are concerned about your drug and alcohol use for example you may be noticing how central it is becoming to your way of life. Confronting these issues may change your life for the better.

Youth and Family Support

Often it is difficult for young people to either seek counselling or to be steered into counselling by parents or loved ones. Given the natural stages of development and life challenges that youth are faced with it is understandable that these reservations may be present. Youth need to feel understood and heard for their valid concerns, and when a genuine interest for support is conveyed meaningful change may begin to occur. The needs and interests of all family members often need to be attended to when addressing the family dynamic.

Men's Wellbeing

 The tendency of some men to want to be self reliant, stoic, or overly self determined can lead to isolation and sometimes depression. Finding humility and vulnerability of expression can often be followed by improved intimacy, connection and communication with loved ones and greater self-empowerment in their endeavours.

Individual and men’s group therapy sessions are available.

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