If you’ve been working on an attitudinal or behavioural shift by using tools like meditation for a while you may already be experiencing increased space in your response to things that used to cause you pressure, stress or anxiety. I’ve recently remembered that these tools like meditation and physical exercise, taking up a hobby and..

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Honouring Grief & the Souls Winter – Breakthroughs or Breakdowns?

As someone who likes supporting others to maintain their purpose and who understands the value of identifying goals, it becomes treacherous terrain when an emotion like grief is being processed.   As a coach I underestimated the expectation I placed on myself to ‘stay motivated’. A great spirit like Muhammad Ali passing, brings my attention..

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Acts of Courage: Vulnerability (Part 2 of 3)

In my practice vulnerable expression is at the core of people’s well bring. It’s important to acknowledge ones vulnerability before finding the courage to move through it and claim ones power. Vulnerability can often be mistaken for weakness, especially in a power driven society. This misinterpretation of weakness is in fact a fallacy, given in..

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