Director/Executive & Life Coach
Monique Kalmar

Masters of International Social Development (UNSW)
Bachelor of Commerce (UNSW)
Advanced Diploma Performing Arts (AADA)
Dip. Acting for Film (NYFA)
Institute of Executive Coaching (LI &II)

As a qualified Executive/Life Coach, having a background working within indigenous communities globally, a Business Program Manager, and a professionally trained stage and screen actress, Monique is passionate about coaching clients to identify key areas they want to see progress in, set goals and achieve them.

Mapping new pathways to address her client’s vision, Monique works closely with them to access previously untapped potential and take action. In this work clients including executive top-performers receive support in:

• Reflection and exploration of held beliefs to reveal desired goals
• Support through gentle questioning a mapping of new options
• Encouragement to access a deep sense of self and value-affirmation for decision-making
• Recognition of competing desires and go back to foundational beliefs simplifying decision-making
• Moving beyond past experiences to have a stronger foothold in ones creative, business or personal vision
• Identifying breakthrough points and key actions to step into new areas of growth for ongoing top performance.
• Courage, bravery and witnessing to take action and be accountable for new areas of growth.

Areas of coaching include:

• Executive and Business coaching
• Life coaching
• Women’s well-being
• Motherhood and Parenting
• Work-Life Balance
• Creativity Coaching