“David is a well-established psychologist and delivers a very professional service. As a skilled therapist David brings not only depth, warmth and wisdom to his practice, he also has a sense of humour and charm, that invites trust and ease to his clients. I highly recommend David to any individual or organization in need of quality service.”

Kelly Rochow – General Manager for Lifestyle Solutions
Clinical Psychologist

“David Kalmar is a lovely down to earth man. He is a psychologist who has been practicing many years, dealing with painful life situations for people. I have witnessed transformation in his workings with people. David is a really warm hearted and gracious man who can bring change to peoples’ lives. I have nothing but praise and admiration for his skills as a therapist.”

Marie Burrows – Therapist, Founder and Principal
Birthing Rites Australia

“During my time with David I have been able to develop greater awareness of my deeply embedded core beliefs, both the helpful and unhelpful ones. With David’s assistance I have been able to understand more fully why I behave in the way I do and I believe I have developed skills to challenge or at least acknowledge that some of these core beliefs may not be serving me anymore. I am starting to use these skills to think more carefully before I fall back into old familiar and comfortable bad habits that are unhelpful if I want to lead a less stressful and more fulfilled life.”

Danielle Kempton
School Counsellor

“I originally found David through a search on the Australian Psychology Society website for psychologists who dealt with stress management. David’s profile regarding a holistic approach to therapy was one of the reasons I chose his services over other psychologists. My sessions with David have helped me to understand my concerns about anxiety and stress. David has been able to guide me comfortably to understand the relevance of my past and present experiences. I found his suggestions about relevant strategies to address my concerns very practical to adopt. Steadily my daily experiences and relationships have become infinitely more pleasant as a direct result of my therapy with David. David has helped me to remove anxiety and better manage stresses in my life.”

Manager – Public Servant

“David was recommended to my partner and I a few months back when our 17 year old son was going through a very negative period. He had left school early and was not motivated to seek employment. His social circle started to evaporate and he turned to marijuana to cope as he was increasingly housebound, withdrawn an unco-operative.

This obviously caused stress within the entire family so we sought David’s assistance. After a couple of sessions with our son, David met with my partner and I to debrief on progress. He made it clear that we had lost  focus and were concentrating solely on the peripheral issues at play. We needed to reconnect with our son on a personal level as soon as possible before we could address his behavioural issues.

David quickly identified boredom and lack of self worth as the primary issues that we needed to work on before we resolved the unemployment and drug concerns. Our son is now working part time and our relationships are slowing being restored. David has played a very important role in our restorative process.”

Manager – Media

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my personal coaching sessions with Monique. I learned to unpack my confused thought matrix and embrace the deeper issues at hand. She has a gentle way of helping you to suspend self-judgement and stay with a creative process. Monique does not leave you in the shadows of complacency. She finds the right moments to extend the boundaries of conventional thinking. I felt myself making cosmic connections so I had a holistic picture of the solutions available to me. In her reflective session I felt the exciting possibilities pulsate through my brainwaves and this has motivated me into action. The moment of ‘doing’ as such, was inspired and not cumbersome. I recommend Monique’s coaching services to anyone who wants to unleash potential and be their most authentic self. She is a master at her art, which is to help you colour in your life, without staying inside the lines!”

Junita Mushenko

“I came to see David first and foremost to help me better understand myself. Specifically, how my behaviors, beliefs and accumulated experiences are impacting and affecting those around me, how I deal (or don’t deal) with stress, conflict, or other pressures in daily life. David has been a calming influence who has gently guided me through suggestions covering, both ‘ways of thinking’ about situations to more tangible actions to try out. David’s approach has been holistic in blending career, marriage, family and self, past and present into understanding how behaviors develop over time. He has been strongly supportive, but always taking a balanced approach helping me understand how my actions and emotions may look or feel ‘from the other side’. David continues to help me become a more empathetic thinker who is more easily able to understand the state of his own emotions first”.

IT Manager

“Monique has a dynamic and informed approach of guiding and facilitating. Her professional and structured approach is warm and friendly so it was very easy to be open with her.  As a director of a ecommerce business I would recommend her approach which guides executives rather than tells. She’s allowed me to view different ways of looking at myself and my business and worked to create positivity and identify core strengths. The process was organic and positive and result will be invaluable professionally and personally for years to come.”

Director ECommerce

“I contacted Psychology Pathways with a level of scepticism and blunt expectations and in so-doing, was fortunate enough to have received contact from Monique who was equally as frank and straight up and down in her response to my expectations as I had been of her in demanding them.  I immediately felt at ease with Monique.  There was an obvious ‘zero BS’ factor, but with a warmth, honesty and charisma that was instantly comforting and so I agreed that we should meet to see how things went.  During my sessions with Monique, whilst always feeling safe and supported, I also felt like there was nowhere to hide – as much from myself as from anyone.  Monique regularly made me hear my own words/thoughts and made me take stock of the answers that I had within me, thereby helping me sort out and tidy-up my thought processes.  Gentle, encouraging and firm, I knew that I was being held to account for my own actions and outputs, but at no stage did I ever feel like I was being judged or having a gun held to my head.  Simply that Monique’s expectation of me was that I delivered on the expectations of myself, which I found to be supportive, uplifting and empowering.  Our sessions would often take on a free-flowing, meandering path that always remained relevant and insightful, but never strained or put on.  Within a very short space of time I found that Monique had helped me realign my thoughts and address my whole being as opposed to just what was in my head.  I would highly recommend Monique to anyone that requires that spark and inspiration which is possibly buried down a little too deep inside of them as Monique sees what shines on the inside and somehow manages to help you shine on the outside as well.”.

Toby K
Senior Manager Public Sector